Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

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Hi, I'm Vic. Born in Singapore, raised in the fantasy world of books and an avid traveller and shopaholic, I am the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

I procrastinate, dream about travelling around the world, generate "if only" questions in my head, and watch tons of television. I get most of my crazy ideas in the shower, and then scramble to write these ideas down before they disappear (aka I forget about them). was one of my many "shower ideas" and so, here I am, putting it into action!

Students LOVE asking Questions!

Some questions that they’ve asked me:

Students really love asking personal questions these days! This is something that I can’t really fathom as I would NEVER have had the audacity to even ask my teachers about their personal lives before!

  • Cher, can I see your daily mix (on Spotify)? I want to know what you listen to!

I realised that I never asked this question when I was a student because Spotify did not exist 10 years ago, and neither did my teachers play music from Spotify. (On hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have used my Spotify?)

  • Cher, can you give me your contact number so that we can message you and talk to you?

I’m definitely not going to give out my contact information just so that students can chat with me ?!!?! 😒 I’m also going to try to stick to my policy of not giving out my contact number per se, and just giving students my contact information through usernames etc. I have no memory of ever contacting my teachers through my handphone… and that was just 9 years ago!

  • Cher, how old are you?

Okay, this is a pretty normal question, but I don’t think that I have ever asked my teachers explicitly because in the past, we used to wait for teachers to type in their NRIC numbers to log into their computer accounts and then calculate their age from there! 😅 (And of course I did not tell them my AGE 🌝)

  • Cher, you look so nice today! Not that you don’t look nice everyday but you look exceptionally nice today! Why ah?

I do not know why I look exceptionally nice today, dear student. I really don’t.

Serious flattering going on here - for what reason, I don’t know, because I didn’t have any test etc. scheduled that day. Sorry dear student, it ain’t working on me!

  • Cher, do you have snapchat? Can we add you?
  1. Yes, I have snapchat.
  2. I have no idea why it is so interesting. I truly cannot understand.
  3. Therefore, I don’t use it, and have also given up trying to use it.
  4. A teacher’s social media accounts are sacred ground! No student should ever breach that unless they are no longer my students or something

These questions seriously show how the world has changed and evolved in just a decade! So much has changed, and so have our young. It’s seriously crazy!

Why do I want to be a tourist in my own country?

When I returned from my exchange programme in Hong Kong, I vowed to take time to explore my own country as fervently as I had explored HongKong.

It's been quite some time since I found a new artist to listen to and I'm so happy to have found out about Eric Nam's music. His groovy, R&B, jazzy, pop style is just everything I love and I cannot believe I only found out about him recently! He is so underrated and I totally think that he deserves more love for his amazing music.