#DIY: How to add a pocket to your notebook in 2 simple steps

The other day, I was wondering how I could attach my little bits and pieces of notes to my notebook without stapling it to a page or using a paper clip and it suddenly came to me that I could simply just attach 2 pages of the notebook together to create a pocket! It was a moment of sudden realisation. And so, here's the step by step process of how to add a pocket to any notebook in 2 simple steps.

Items needed:

  • A notebook
  • Stapler
  • MT Tape/Decorative tape, stickers (optional)
  • Scissors to cut tape (optional)

2 Simple steps!:

Step 1: Pick the last 2 pages from the back or front of the notebook, or where ever you want your pocket to be.

Step 2: Staple the bottom and right side of the 2 pages together

Step 3 (optional): Beautify the pocket with MT/Decorative tape and stickers!